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Royal Brothers: William and Harry

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Updates to the site:

June 1, 2006:
New link in the "Other Fun Sites" section to my other website for "the Light in the Piazza"
May 31, 2006:
I had a slight internet crisis last weekend, so some of my stuff (inclunding a lot of info for this site) was lost.  The first part of the third chapter to "The Patient" is up, and I'm working on the second part (if I could just find the notebook I wrote the rest of it in).  I updated the "Brothers" and "Harry" galleries...unfortunately, I have no more disk space so there will be no more photo updates (unless you want to make a donation to help me get more disk space; in which case, click contact me and let me know).  There are 9 new songs on the soundtrack as well.  Hope everyone has a great June!!
May 21, 2006:
The Links section has been slightly reorganized.  The Photo Galleries are going up slowly but surely.  New homepage photos.  Expect an update of "The Patient" and quite possibly a new story in the coming week.
May 13, 2006:
"One Step Behind" and "The Patient" are officially up on the fanfiction page!! Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!
May 5, 2006:
3 pages of pictures have been added.  I am planning to add more at some point, so sit tight. 
May 3, 2006:
We're up and running!!

TRH Prince William and Prince Harry are in no way, shape, or form, affiliated with this site. I don't know them personally, so don't ask any questions relating to that.  If you use anything from this site, all I ask is you give credit where it's due.  In other words, name this site as your source.  Thanks.