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Royal Brothers: William and Harry

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I'm Not Perfect
by Johanna Stahley
Take that
I take it back
You can hold me down
But I can’t relax
I mislead you
Mis-read you
and start it all again

Here I come
I’m on the run
I went too far
Now look what I’ve done
I wanna save the world
But I can’t save myself

‘cause, I’m not perfect
But I guess you’ve always known
Under the surface
Are all these unturned stones
I’m not perfect
No matter how I try
And I’m always wondering why

There I go
Putting on a show
I have an addiction
To my inner glow
I don’t consider
The consequences

Take control
Don’t let go
I won’t hold back
What I think you should know
I’d like to tell you everything
And nothing at all


Have my moments
My bad notes
I follow the road
Of the most hope
I only recognize the carnage
In the settled dust
Of my wanderlust


You can look
But don’t touch
I like the attention
A little too much
I’m never wrong
Always gone
Until I start to miss you
If it happens once screw you
If it happens twice well screw me too
I can be so nice
And as cold as ice


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