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Royal Brothers: William and Harry

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The Websites:

The British Monarchy

The official website of the British Monarchy as  whole.  If you're interested in the history of the Monarchy or the Order of the Garter or things like that, then you should at least take a quick look.

The Prince Of Wales

HRH The Prince Of Wales' official website.  It's usually up to date with the official stuff.  You won't find anything on Kate Middleton or Chelsy Davy here.

Sentebale - Forget Me Not

Sentebale is the new charity that Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso of Lesotho have created to help disadvantaged children and youth in Lesotho.  Like mother, like son.

The Prince Chronicles

The Prince Chronicles is a collection of stories.  My personal favorites are "Girls at Eton" (which is a fun story) and "Daddy Wills" (which is a tear-jerker).  Make what you will of "A Twice Told Love Story"!

Wisps Of Royalty

This site hasn't been updated in over a year.  However, it is still the BIGGEST Wills/Harry fanfic archive on the net.  Go check it out....I recommend Lola's stories.

William/Harry Unlimited

The most comprehensive fansite on William and Harry on the net.  Its the biggest and the best.  They've got everything you can think up and then some.  Plus, the photo gallery is unmatched.

The Groups:

William Daily

The biggest Prince William group out there.  News is posted every day (most of the time), the people are nice, and there's lots of discussion.  They've even planned William's "impending" wedding to Kate Middleton.

Diana Eternal Angel

A group lovingly dedicated to Diana, Princess Of Wales (1961-1997).  I co-own this group, and our photo collection is unrivaled! It's HUGE!! So go join.

Diana Eternal Angel Photos

The sister group to Diana Eternal Angel.  This is where the photos that would not fit into the first group's collection are.  Both groups have audio files from the funeral, including the Earl Spencer's eulogy and "Candle in the Wind 1997" performed by Elton John.

Diana and Dodi Remembered

This group is dedicated to Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed.  Again, we have a HUGE photo collection here.

TRH Prince William and Prince Harry are in no way, shape, or form, affiliated with this site. I don't know them personally, so don't ask any questions relating to that.  If you use anything from this site, all I ask is you give credit where it's due.  In other words, name this site as your source.  Thanks.