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Royal Brothers: William and Harry

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This was originally on Wisps of Royalty.  But since it is my story, I'm posting it here.  I've edited it (for the better in my humble opinion) and I am continuing it as we speak.  Happy Reading! 

Basic Synopsis:
Prince Harry is tired of living, so he tries to kill himself.  Unfortunately, he's in New York at the time he does it.  He's admitted to a psychiatric unit.  The ward is filled with rules and schedules.  The staff is seemingly indifferent to their charges.  But it's the other patients who may hold the key to Harry's ultimate redemption.

TRH Prince William and Prince Harry are in no way, shape, or form, affiliated with this site. I don't know them personally, so don't ask any questions relating to that.  If you use anything from this site, all I ask is you give credit where it's due.  In other words, name this site as your source.  Thanks.